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S002E011 Catching up with Erin Davis

Shane welcomes the legendary Erin Davis to Shower for the Soul. The two chat about their love for radio and share stories of grief and how they used radio to get over loss. Erin talks about being sober for just under one year and how her book, Mourning has Broken, helped her through the sudden passing of her daughter. To find all things Erin Davis, check out her website. Grab her book, Mourning has Broken, here.


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How New Kids’ `Tonight’ became an important track in my budding radio career


It happened one morning on CFTR radio

As I get closer to the first episode dropping, I’m looking back to what truly brought me here. I wasn’t the biggest NKTOB fan but heir track `Tonight’ is a very important piece to my journey.
It’s the first song I voiced over in a real radio station. I was there visiting my radio mentor and buddy, Tom Rivers, He fronted the top rated morning show.

While I was doing bits along with Tom that morning, he asked me to introduce the new New Kids track and hint a concert announcement. I was nervous as hell, knowing this would be my first time being a real radio disk jockey. If I were playing radio in my room, no problem. I would know exactly what to say. But this was C-F-T-R. THE radio station for morning radio and THE radio station all my friends listened to.
Tom wrote the script and told me where to breath and follow my `DJ instincts’. He told me when I hear the music, I’ll know where to shut up and where to elaborate words.
All this prep for a song that only had a 15 second intro.
All the nerves disappeared as soon as I turned on the microphone. I later learned most radio announcers are the same. Stumbling, incoherent folks off-air. Poets on-air.

Word for word, pause for pause, tone for tone, this is exactly what I said that morning on CFTR.