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How New Kids’ `Tonight’ became an important track in my budding radio career


It happened one morning on CFTR radio

As I get closer to the first episode dropping, I’m looking back to what truly brought me here. I wasn’t the biggest NKTOB fan but heir track `Tonight’ is a very important piece to my journey.
It’s the first song I voiced over in a real radio station. I was there visiting my radio mentor and buddy, Tom Rivers, He fronted the top rated morning show.

While I was doing bits along with Tom that morning, he asked me to introduce the new New Kids track and hint a concert announcement. I was nervous as hell, knowing this would be my first time being a real radio disk jockey. If I were playing radio in my room, no problem. I would know exactly what to say. But this was C-F-T-R. THE radio station for morning radio and THE radio station all my friends listened to.
Tom wrote the script and told me where to breath and follow my `DJ instincts’. He told me when I hear the music, I’ll know where to shut up and where to elaborate words.
All this prep for a song that only had a 15 second intro.
All the nerves disappeared as soon as I turned on the microphone. I later learned most radio announcers are the same. Stumbling, incoherent folks off-air. Poets on-air.

Word for word, pause for pause, tone for tone, this is exactly what I said that morning on CFTR.