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Here’s a chat I had with The Hive London on my podcast workshop

I spoke about my podcast and shared radio stories

Talking ins and outs of the podcast game with The Hive London

Great time with Jenna from Hive London this morning where we spoke about podcasting, radio, and the workshop I’ll hopefully be heading after all this isolation mess.

Here’s a little about The Hive

We’re all familiar with coworking spots that are usually found in the downtown area of the city Enter The Hive London – tucked away off a country road just outside of the city.

At The Hive, they believe personal development happens when they exist in the same place. It’s the special quality of growth, connection and deep relationship building that evolves. On their site, they say, “people begin to see each other, know each other, support each other and realize that each one of us is a part of something bigger than ourselves.”

It’s a really cool spot for those that want to be out of the downtown core and want to work on a peaceful, rustic farm.

The spot, I believe, is a perfect pad to take up any course, like podcasting. This is why I chose the specific location for my podcast workshops.

After COVID let’s learn more on how to start a podcast

If you want to start a podcast or even a wee bit interested in what exactly goes into creating a podcast, stay tuned. I’ll be letting you know post-COVID-19 isolationist on the course I’ll be running at The Hive London.

The Casey Kasem blooper I mentioned during the chat

During our chat, I made mention of this classic Casey blooper where he had to do a request for a family pet that had passed away. He came out of an upbeat record and it just didn’t work. Madness ensued.

Want to learn about podcasting? Join me March 28th at The Hive, London

Learn about podcasting with me

I’ll be hosting a crash course in all you need to know about podcasting. It’ll be at The Hive in London. Will be a fun day of creative things and learning about new media! Here are the details:

A crash course on podcasting

A one-day trip around the course learning about the world of podcasting. In the driver’s seat is our instructor, Shane Alexander. He has been a segment producer for popular tech/music podcast, Geeks and Beats since 2014 and just started his own show, Shower for the Soul last fall. With a background in broadcasting, Shane will steer us through production, writing, branding, getting your podcast played on Spotify and iTunes along with other tips of the trade that he’s picked up on his journey.

New prices!

We’ve lowered the price for a single ticket to 70.00/ea. If you buy 2 or more tickets, save $10.00 off your purchase. Great opp for a fun weekend group outing. Get tickets here.