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It’s officially Fall 2019 and it’s time to kick-in the fall playlist

First duty on the second day of fall is to make a playlist

This evening I created a fall playlist. Here’s why:

My favourite seasons aren’t winter or summer. My favourite seasons are fall and spring.  I appreciate fall because it’s time to box away the summertime Hip Hop tracks in favour of colder, smokier, soulful-er, lovelier, low tempo tracks. It’s time for the fall playlist.

Most of the tracks I chose for the playlist are songs that I bonded with during the fall. I listened to The Cure’s “Pictures of You” on the bus on the way home from work one rainy September evening. I played the track over and over again. It soon became one of my all time favourite tracks.  I bought Bon Iver’s album in the fall and at the time, “Skinny Love” was my jam. “Any Time, Any Place” by Janet just reeks fallen leaves and lower-teen temperatures. “Time to Pretend” was another one of my jams right around Halloween, 2008. The bond I have with songs is one thing I have never broken. I still honour our connection and how we met. Most people forget where they were when they first heard a certain song, but I keep those memories close to  the vest. Closer than some friendships, in fact. I know, that might sound weird but it’s the memory connected to the song that built other bonds. Real life bonds.

I will chat about my bond with Hip Hop and all types of music during the first season of the show. If you have any memories to share or would like to give your opinion on our relationships with music, feel free to give me a shout.

 Here’s the Shower for the Soul (official) fall playlist

The playlist is now available on Spotify. Feel free to download, share, and follow the channel for more playlists. I’ll be making many more. And always, let me know what you think!