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Mauro Ranallo exits Twitter, pulls out of Survivor Series amid Corey Graves’ tweets

The company line is Mauro Ranallo blew his voice

After an incredible performance Saturday night, NXT  ringside commentator Mauro Ranallo was absent at Sunday’s Survivor Series.  Michael Cole claimed Ranallo  blew “his voice out” while calling the pay-per-view. It has been reported that Ranallo’s absence is due  to tweets from his co-worker, Corey Graves.

Fans thought it was suspicious that the popular personality  deleted his Twitter account shortly after the WWE SmackDown colour-guy seemingly threw shade at the lead commentator.

Ranallo has been public about his mental health

Fans have been very supporting of Ranallo, who notably struggles with bipolar disorder. With mental health becoming a serious topic of discussion in the workplace, as it should be, and social media becoming increasingly more acerbic, many fans have voiced their displeasure with Graves.

In 2018, Ranallo released a documentary on his struggle with Bipolar Affective Disorder. It follows his journey as he “combats the stigma behind mental health issues and sheds light on what it’s like being at the top of the industry despite seemingly insurmountable odds.”

Fans are taking Mauro Ranallo’s side on this

Team Ranallo

Graves was an idiot belittling Ranallo’s on-air performance Saturday night. While his persona reminds me of old school heels, Graves’ apparent real life Twitter presence makes him seem like a childish human, and Saturday was a good example of this. I’m not saying that we should treat those suffering from mental health issues any different than others, I’m saying don’t be a dooche on social media. Wrestling is huge on respect for the those that led the way. Ranallo has been calling fights since 1999, when Graves was 15. Graves disrespected Ranallo and this has no place in sports- entertainment.

Many expect the topic will be brought up this week on Graves’ WWE podcast, After the Bell, this week. Speaking of podcasts, social media and mental health is the topic for this weeks episode of Shower for the Soul. It’ll be up Wednesday.

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