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Here’s some advice if you’re looking to get into the podcast game

Pick your topic

You’ll need to know your topic and how you will be able to expand that topic into something more than just a podcast. Podcasts are great, but they will need to be marketable. That’s just the hard truth. Also, know how you will stand out from the other shows. Little things do matter, from marketing to production to your on-air delivery. It’s that little bit of `different’ that will attract the listener into coming back.

Don’t be cheap

After you get an idea of what you’re going to do and who you are aiming the show towards, get digging for good equipment. You might have the best content in the world, but if it sounds cheap and the production is off, people will turn you off. You can get really good requirement on Amazon for less than $100.00.

Show prep

It helps if you have some type of idea of how to prepare a show. I can help you with this, if needed. I’m lucky as my background in broadcasting and working with a podcast since 2014 has given me enough knowledge that I was able to pass the kiddie pool and jump right into the deep end. Take an online course on radio. You don’t need to know much. Just how to really put together a show and mic techniques.

All about the eyeballs

Create a webpage and update it often.This’ll be part of building a brand.. The eyeballs will come to your site to read your articles then stay to listen to your show. . Don’t forget that everything should lead to wanting to listen to your show.

Not about the duckets..yet

Don’t think you will make money from this right away. Baby steps. First, do what you’re doing, keep it as authentic as you can. Over time, you will build trust – this is when the money will roll in. It takes time, don’t rush it.

Keep it real

Have fun & Be true to your vision. If you need any help with the process, give me a shout. Always here to help out.

E008S001 An episode all about healing

On this episode of Shower of the Soul, Shane revisits the topics we tackled this season but this time – Shane’s talking about the healing aspect. Shane talks about if getting his two tattoos helped in the healing process, if he has recovered from anxiety and if he still has body image problems.

Episode length – 11:31

E003S001 – That INKredible Tattoo

That INKredible Tattoo

Shane shares the story of his two tattoos and how they have become an important part of his mental health recovery. He also tackles how tattoos have become a popular way to remind yourself that you’ve survived the battle. Tattoos have become a very important part of the healing process. Shane tells us why.

As promised, here are my tattoos

I said I’ll post my tattoos for you. Here they are. The headphone with microphone is my first born. I got it on February 1st 2014. The second, I received in 2018. As I shared with you on the show, they both have their own rightful spot in my heart and soul.



…And here’s the track that inspired my tree tatt.


Meet Keisha and the tattoo that helped in her recovery


E003S001 – That INKredible Tattoo – listen below

Episode length – 15:26

How New Kids’ `Tonight’ became an important track in my budding radio career


It happened one morning on CFTR radio

As I get closer to the first episode dropping, I’m looking back to what truly brought me here. I wasn’t the biggest NKTOB fan but heir track `Tonight’ is a very important piece to my journey.
It’s the first song I voiced over in a real radio station. I was there visiting my radio mentor and buddy, Tom Rivers, He fronted the top rated morning show.

While I was doing bits along with Tom that morning, he asked me to introduce the new New Kids track and hint a concert announcement. I was nervous as hell, knowing this would be my first time being a real radio disk jockey. If I were playing radio in my room, no problem. I would know exactly what to say. But this was C-F-T-R. THE radio station for morning radio and THE radio station all my friends listened to.
Tom wrote the script and told me where to breath and follow my `DJ instincts’. He told me when I hear the music, I’ll know where to shut up and where to elaborate words.
All this prep for a song that only had a 15 second intro.
All the nerves disappeared as soon as I turned on the microphone. I later learned most radio announcers are the same. Stumbling, incoherent folks off-air. Poets on-air.

Word for word, pause for pause, tone for tone, this is exactly what I said that morning on CFTR.