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Tag: Mental Health

S002E010 Understanding Miss Americana

This week on the show, Shane shares his thoughts on the Netflix documentary, Taylor Swift: Miss Americana. Shane explains why it’s important to understand the female brain in order for all of us to take care of our mental health. We also cover why it’s imperative for guys to talk to each other about their feelings. And another tale about Liberty and Shane in Shane’s Journal.

S002E009 – Second Season Stigma

On the season premier episode of Shower for the Soul, Shane catches us up on what exactly happened that night in December when a walk-in doctor directed him to the ER. We take an honest approach to the stigma of getting therapy. Shane shares his experiences and where he’s currently going to. Also, a brand new feature debuts where Shane reads his old journal entries that he penned on his mysteriously hidden old Tumblr page.

Christmas tunes aren’t so jolly – they can be bad for your mental health

Not so jolly news coming out of Britain this week. A British psychologist,  Linda Blair says Christmas music causes stress triggers. Listening to music on a loop in the car  reminds listeners of their daily stresses and what they need to get done before December 25th.