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Our Instagram game is on point

You really need to check out the our new Instagram

Our Instagram has been up for a week and it’s getting   modest attention. With the social media page I want to create a vibe. Well thought-out content with inspiring, thought provoking posts.  The   Check out our Insta-stories for cellphone wallpapers. I post behind-the-scenes videos that are usually off the grid of the regular Instagram format. There’s daily quotes to help you get through the day and of course the obligatory shameless self-promotion.

If you have a minute, cruise over to the account and take a peak. Follow us and we’ll follow back. Find us here.

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I could work-in a cool way to remind you to listen to my podcast October 30, but this is wholeheartedly something everyone needs to do more. Including me. Take the time to truly listen to the people you're speaking with today. Avoid distractions, plug yourself out from everything else for that short moment and give your all to the person that's expressing themselves to you. It's natural to want to interrupt, loose focus. Be there. In the moment. Being in the moment is something I'm learning to do now. Are we ever just there? It's something I'm working on. Something we can work on together. Just be there. #listening #communication #beinthemoment #podcasts #selflove #shanefamealexander #showerforthesoul

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