Shower for the Soul — A podcst hosted by Shane fame Alexander


The creative process of producing an episode

Writing is the hardest part of the creative process

First rule in the creative process is to  talk about what you know. Your joy will be felt through the microphone.

The show was inspired by the book that I haven’t written yet, so going in, I knew I’d most likely need to dredge up things I haven’t fully recovered from. But those are the battle wounds that are expected, so i was ready for war. I learned to take my time and to be present in writing. I take my time in writing. Usually, two or three days. Then the rest of the stuff – promotion, the production stuff, and recording the episode is all gravy. That’s the fun stuff. It’s the writing part that is the hardest part of it, but at the same time, it’s also the most cleansing part of the whole production – which in turn, the most rewarding.