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How’s my therapy going – an update

An update on my therapy

You might remember back in January (January? Wasn’t that like a year ago? Jesus.) I posted an article on how I was seeking online counselling. If you missed it, you can check it out here. Well, I’m done. My last session was earlier this week.

To rehash, I’m doing well and when I started the therapy I was doing well. My brain just needed re-wiring. A few things happened in the latter part of 2019 where I lost a bulk of my confidence. This wasn’t good – especially at a time when I was creating a brand and starting a podcast. I got through the first season of Shower of the Soul and thought of it as a learning curve. Before the second season commenced, I knew I needed to do a mental check-up on myself if I was going to make the second season acceptable to my picky ears. See, me losing my confidence made me uncertain that I would be able to do something I always wanted to do at a level that I put my work up at. I was afraid of letting myself down because I wasn’t good enough.

So, before I go on a rant about that, let’s get back to the therapy.

My therapy was online

My online councillor was terrific. She responded in a timely fashion and was very supportive. I was able to contact her as many times as I wanted throughout the day.

Then why did I stop? To be honest, it was a pricing issue and time commitment. The price was okay, even if it was in American coin. However, for someone that didn’t really need the therapy, it was a bit too over my price range to justify spending every month – especially in an uncertain time like we’re in now.

The time commitment. Yes, there’s time you need to put in. The communication part doesn’t take too long. I think it’s designed that way. My longest communication was around three paragraphs long and it didn’t take too long for me to write. However, there’s also the pre and post of formulating your communication. Like any therapy session, there’s emotions that you need to get through before going into the session and coming out of the session.




This means the therapy is working

The before and after part of therapy could take a whole day – that’s if the subject matter is deep enough. And this is good. This means the therapy is working. There are days when it’s easier, some days are heavy and it’s hard to get back to your daily life.

And it’s okay to cry.

After adding up the pros and cons, I decided not to renew. My therapist was fine with it and I of course, thanked her for everything she did for me. Be on the lookout, however, for the company to keep you around, urging you to sign up for other plans. I guess that’s all expected, though. It is a business, after all.

The therapy worked and I feel better. This doesn’t mean that this is the last time I will ever see a therapist. To be honest, I highly doubt it will. I’m fine now and I have them to thank for that.

If you feel that you need to speak to someone, try Better Help. Go here to get 10% off your first month.