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Tag: anxiety

If the COVID outbreak is giving you weird dreams, you’re not alone

I’m the worst sleeper. I think it’s from my younger years when I spent a couple years doing overnight radio and then later, a flyer monkey for a Toronto concert company. But I don’t get unusual dreams – till COVID happened. See, our brains process stress, anxiety and other feelings we have when we’re awake.

If you get anxiety working out at the gym by yourself, try getting a gym buddy

I totally get it. I get super anxious when even thinking of going to the gym by myself. This is why I bought all the equipment and do my sweating at home.  I never thought of getting a gym buddy, but maybe heading into the new decade, I’ll give it a second look. 

EP001S001 – An Angst-y introduction: We cover Angst, a film about anxiety

On this trailer episode of Shower for the Soul, Shane fills us in on what exactly this podcast is about. He also speaks with Karin Gornick, one of the producers of the film, Angst. The film is doing its tour of duty at schools around North America.