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If you get anxiety working out at the gym by yourself, try getting a gym buddy

Gym buddies are hard to come by

I totally get it. I get super anxious when even thinking of going to the gym by myself. This is why I bought all the equipment and do my hanging’n’banging at home.  With a new decade upon us, maybe finding a gym buddy could be a possibility.

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when first stepping into the gym, said Gareth Nock, a Toronto-based fitness expert. Nock’s rule of thumb: If you’re not happy working out by yourself for the first time, don’t do it alone.

“Look for a personal trainer or a bootcamp-style class, something that’s going to help you feel comfortable to walk in there, someone to support you on that journey,” he said. “Or even bringing a workout buddy with you.”

If the gym gives you hibbie jibbies, you’re not alone

In a poll done by Ipsos, forty per cent of Canadians feel intimidated by the gym. The top reason? Other people watching.

Nock advises even searching for the right group class can be helpful. They’ll  encourage you to keep going as you start feeling comfortable in the space. Group workouts or with at least one other person helps you set goals for how often you can go, without putting too much pressure on yourself, Nock explained.

“The reality we face is that motivation is going to be fleeting. [It’s] ensuring that we’re always focusing on the journey or the process of getting fit, as well as the end result,” he said.

Here’s how you can find a gym buddy

 Puregym takes a look at how you’re able to find a your gym buddy, and if you’re lucky, the buddy can become a friend for life.


Let’s slam the ball around

Teamwork makes the dream work and the same applies at the gym. Having a workout plan that you can follow with your partner or with a team helps take the focus away from how you’re feeling exercising outside of your comfort zone. Nock recommends exercises you can do together.  “It helps us build teamwork, camaraderie, and [helps] us build those relationships and sense of belonging,” he said.

Another routine you can try (and one I do at home when I get anxious) is using a weight ball and throwing it to the ground. But here’s the kicker. When slamming down the ball, your partner will have to squat and throw it back to you.

“It’s getting that accountability from your workout partner which is going to make all the difference to you coming back,” he said.

“It’s that consistency.”

Need gym tunes? I’ve got you

I never thought I’d be sharing this, but here you go. A while back when I (attempted) to create a daily workout schedule for myself, I made a workout  playlist. Find it below and feel free to follow me on Spotify.


E008S001 An episode all about healing

On this episode of Shower of the Soul, Shane revisits the topics we tackled this season but this time – Shane’s talking about the healing aspect. Shane talks about if getting his two tattoos helped in the healing process, if he has recovered from anxiety and if he still has body image problems.

Episode length – 11:31

Emma Watson isn’t single – she’s `self-partnered’

Emma Watson is dating herself

British actress Emma Watson is not single.  In an interview with British Vogue published Tuesday (see full interview below), the actress said she had anxiety as her 30th birthday sneaked up to her minus a stable career, baby or partner.

“I never believed the whole ‘I’m happy single’ spiel,” the 29-year-old actress said. “I was like, ‘This is totally [a] spiel.’ It took me a long time, but I’m very happy [being single].

She calls  it being self-partnered, “I was like, ‘Why does everyone make such a big fuss about turning 30? This is not a big deal.’” Watson laughed. “If you have not built a home, if you do not have a husband, if you do not have a baby and you are turning 30 and you’re not in some incredibly secure, stable place in your career … There’s just this incredible amount of anxiety,” Watson said.

Twitter responded to Emma Watson and her relationship status

Many went to Twitter  to express their approval and wonderment on Watson’s new relationship status.




Here’s the full interview Emma Watson did with Vogue


EP001S001 – An Angst-y introduction: We cover Angst, a film about anxiety

An introduction and we chat about anxiety

On this trailer episode of Shower for the Soul, Shane fills us in on what exactly this podcast is about. He also speaks with Karin Gornick, one of the producers of the film, Angst. The film is doing its tour of duty at schools around North America. It focuses on anxiety in young people. Karin and Shane discuss anxiety in the young and old, the medical mumbo-jumbo of what exactly causes anxiety and safe ways of battling it.

Michael Phelps and his battle with anxiety and depression


Michael Phelps tweeted in May about his past struggles with anxiety and depression. He tweeted, “questioned whether or not [he] wanted to be alive anymore” before going on to say that therapy “helped save [his] life.”

Another tweet read that the Olympian will be teaming up with Talkspace for Mental Health Awareness Month.  “To let you know that getting help is a sign of strength, not weakness.”

“I can tell you I’ve probably had at least half a dozen depression spells that I’ve gone through,” he said in a 2017 interview with Today’s Jordan Muto. “And the one in 2014, I didn’t want to be alive.”

Ways Phelps fights anxiety and depression

Lion breaths. That’s what Phelps calls his way to combat his anxiety and depression. He and his wife, Nicole Johnson, teach their son, Boomer Phelps. Whenever Boomer gets upset, his parents tell him to take a lion breath. At that point, Boomer inhales as deeply as if he were trying to suck all the oxygen out of the universe, then lets out the breath in one extravagant exhale.

“There are times when I struggle with identity because for so many people, all they see me as is a swimmer,” Michael  says of the passing judgments he receives. “Honestly, that’s when a lion breath does come into play.”

But how can something so simple — say, simple enough to work on a two-year-old — have such an effect on an Olympic medal–winning adult?

It’s partially the push-to-the-limit environment Phelps grew up in, similar to that of Generation Z. “Because my life was always go, go, go, go, on to the next thing,” he says, “I never had a chance to take a breath. So I don’t really know how to do it, I guess.”

In fact, Phelps had learned a practice called “diaphragmatic breathing” — a type of exercise involving deep inhalation and exhalation. This breathing method was found to be successful not just in stress-relief, but also in commanding sustained focus in adults, according to a study published in June 2017 in the journal Frontiers in Psychology.




Helpful links that were mentioned during this episode:

a-plan Coaching
Headspace app
Rachel Melvin (How Bitches are Made podcast)
Camp Grounded


EP001S001 – An Angst-y introduction: We cover Angst, a film about anxiety – listen below.

General Hospital’s Maurice Benard launches State of Mind website

Maurice Benard has been dealing with anxiety

The soap actor, Maurice Benard, has launched his own website called State of Mind. It’s all about dealing with anxiety. This past weekend, the two-time Daytime Emmy award winner launched his new website.

“State of Mind to me means being 100% present, feeling completely at peace inside of you, not letting your thoughts control your life and always looking for ways to be the best that you can be.”  The new site features merchandise in `State of Mind’ t-shirts as well a link to pre-order Maurice’s upcoming memoir, “Nothing General About it.”

Maurice Benard has been been a huge mental health advocate, having been open about his own struggles with mental illness over the years. He wants to use this website to help dispel the stigma of those who battle with it.

Along with a regular vlog that will be posted every Sunday, he offers links to organizations he works with. NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Health),  Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services, and the International Bipolar Foundation. are a few of them.

Maurice Benard explains why he started the site

Angst is a very important film to check out

Angst is a new film about anxiety

During my morning scroll through Instagram I noticed that my old high school, Toronto Waldorf School will be screening a new film this weekend. The film   or project – is very interesting, here’s why:


The Angst project is an IndieFlix Original documentary and series designed to raise awareness around anxiety and mental health with an emphasis on youth and families throughout the world. Our goal specifically is to help people identify and understand the symptoms of anxiety and encourage them to reach out for help. Angst will be screened in schools, communities and theaters around the world. The film, VR experience (the Panic Attack) and corresponding materials provide tools, resources and hope.


The producer of Angst will be on the show!

I’ll be speaking with the producer from the film on the trailer episode of the podcast. I’m excited to see what Karin Gornick will share with us. If you have any questions for Karin, please shoot me a note. Stay tuned!