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Author: Shower for the Soul

Here are my publicity pictures – It was an afternoon of (fake) laughing and drinking

 Before I get into more of a background to these pictures, let me take this time to thank all that were in involved in such a meaningful, fun day. Biggest shouts to Nikki at HRM Photography, the gents at Gentlemen’s Barber Massonville, and to Fionn MacCool’s for the huge space to create in.

How New Kids’ `Tonight’ became an important track in my budding radio career

As I get closer to the first episode dropping, I’m looking back to what truly brought me here. I wasn’t the biggest NKTOB fan but heir track `Tonight’ is a very important piece to my journey.
It’s the first song I voiced over in a real radio station. I was there visiting my radio mentor and buddy, Tom Rivers, He fronted the top rated morning show.