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Shower for the Soul is a safe-place podcast. My name is Shane Fame Alexander, I’ve been a podcast producer for five years, a blogger for longer than I’d like to admit and a lifelong broadcasting fiend. In each episode, we take `real-talk’ issues and examine them, get deeper perspectives from real people and their stories. I also share my own story. Some stories that I have never shared with anyone before…

But why exactly should you support OUR show? Easy, here’s why:

When you support the show, I will give $3.00 to a charity of your choosing. While being `on-air’ has been a lifetime dream of mine and I would love to continue to be on-air, I really want to make sure that others are benefiting from my lifelong dream. Why go through this alone when I can have friends come along for the ride. It’s a win-win. The show is supported, so I’m happy. Meanwhile, You make a difference – times two. That’s your win.

Support the show AND help others. Oh, and don’t forget to listen to Shower of the Soul. First episode drops October 30th!

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