Andre 3000 spits on James Blake track, Where’s the Catch

Andre 3000 spits on James Blake track, Where's the Catch

Andre 3000 kills it with his first verse in more than a year. 

James Blake’s Where’s the Catch features Andre 3000

It was leaked in early January that James Blake will be teaming up with hip hop heavyweights on his latest album, Assume Form. Blake wasn’t mad at the violation, by confirming his album’s full tracklist on Instagram. The collab list is heavy, boasting features with Metro Boomin’, Travis Scott and of course, the Atlanta legend, Andre 3000.

On “Where’s the Catch,” James Blake sets the mood with a minimal piano loop and vocal melody.  “Alright, now this may be a little bit heady,” 3000 rhymes.  “All my pessimistic keeps me in a cage / All my haters’ twistin’ keeps me spinnin’ ’round for days / Exorcism, pessimism has arisen / There’s no reason, really treason to myself, so silly / So perfect, so perfect, so why do I look for curtains?”, as the verse continues. Andre has returned in a big way.

Andre 3000 has been MIA

Funny enough, one of the last times we heard Andre on record was with Blake when they appeared together on “Look Ma No Hands,” a 17-minute Jazz instrumental.  He then dropped “Me&My (To Bury Your Parents)”, a song written before the passing of his parents, but recorded after their deaths. Both tracks were released last year.

It has been touted how Blake has been a fan of Andre his work in Outkast. He often speaks on the influence the group had on his career.. “I’m not from the States but I connected to some Hip-Hop—mainly instrumental stuff—in quite a big way,” he said. “And I found that André 3000 has this kind of self-awareness and introspection in almost all of his stuff that I felt like I identified with. It wasn’t necessarily the subject matter. It was the delivery, his rhythm, and his poise, and just the respect that he commands when he’s rapping.”

Listen to “Where’s the Catch”, James Blake featuring Andre 3000


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