Goodbye Geeks

Geeks and Beats silenced

The World’s most Popular podcast is no more. Geeks and Beats recorded one final time this weekend. It’s been an honour to be part of the geek squad for 6 years. Hosts Michael Hainsworth and Alan Cross took me under their wing as a writer in the summer of 2014 when I wrote this article.

Check out the Geeks episode I appeared on, here

Thank you

Sitting under the learning tree of Hainsworth and Cross had a huge impact on why I felt I was ready to start my own podcast. I soaked up all their spoken and unspoken words of wisdom. For that, I’m grateful that I have been part of this amazing crew for 8 seasons.

I’ll miss the deadlines, the chats in the newsroom, the spewing of great, good, bad and really bad show and article ideas, producing, and the commandery.

Forever thankful for this experience. Keep it geeky, friends.

The Geeks’ final beat



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