How the postponement of sports inspired me in my own game of life

How the postponement of sports inspired me in my own game of life

The sports show doesn’t always have to go on

When news came that the Milwaukee Bucks decided not to play Game 5 of their first-round series against Orlando, I was proud of the team and the league.

The `show must go on’ mentality we have in sports was benched for a night in protest of the Jacob Blake shooting. Fun fact, the postponement happened exactly four years to the day that former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem. Other teams, including reigning champions, Toronto Raptors’, postponed their games.Soon other sports were following suit.

The postponement of games is not what this is going to be about. And it’s not even about the tragic shooting of Jacob Blake.This is about how the NBA’s actions inspired me this week.

Time for plan B

I can’t really delve much into this and sorry for being so secretive. I’m just not ready to share the whole story. Yet. However, I’ll say this.

I’ve been trying to find a way to solve something that’s been ongoing in my life for a while. I keep trying the regular way, just adding a little more umph into my step each time. I always get the same result. Nothing ever gets resolved and the more I try to resolve it, going back to plan A, the more frustrated I get when it doesn’t work.

Then on Wednesday, this happened and something clicked. Thanks to the Milwaukee Bucks.

Dribble, shoot, repeat

Cop shoots unarmed black man. We protest. We take a knee, we yell. We scream. We create podcasts. We interview prominent people in the culture. Wash, rinse, repeat. Nothing gets solved. And a few months later, we’re back in the same wash cycle, lifting up our fists and calling for action.

This repetitive motion is as frustrating as my own repetitive cycle is.

But then the Bucks did something different. They actually postponed a major league playoff game. That’s huge. And that spoke (yelled) volumes across the court.

The Bucks noticed that the regular wash cycle wasn’t working and they stood up and did something different. Will it work? Will it solve the police brutality that’s continuing to happen in 2020? Not sure, but it’s something new, it’s something we haven’t tried yet. It’s hope.

Hope is all we got

Their actions inspired me to try something new. The games being postponed got me to think outside of the box and how I should approach my own problem. Has it remedied the situation? Not yet, but it’s the outside of the box thinking mentality that has helped me take a look at the situation differently, thinking of new ways to cure it going forward.

The senseless hate crimes won’t end overnight. My thing won’t solve itself either. But carving out new ways to get to the other side brings hope and a whole new fresher outlook on the problems. In 2020, hope is all we really have.

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