What an impromptu whirl this has been – here’s why I’m debating on going vegetarian

What an impromptu whirl this has been - here’s why I’m debating on going vegetarian

 I might go vegetarian

I haven’t eaten meat in three days. Here’s the story.

I did a 6k on Sunday and got to my local where I ate their bountiful cobb salad with grilled chicken. When Wednesday came around I realized that I hadn’t eaten any meat since the afternoon at the pub. I thought it’d be cool to see how long I can go meatless, just as an experiment.

I’m not going to lie. Going without meat isn’t a huge thing for me. Most of my diet consists of veggies, fruite, and nutes. I’d say 25% of my diet was meat. This is why I have always been interested in going vegetarian. But, I just love meat way too much. The chicken curry, pot pie, pizza, hamburgers. Could I actually last without any of these tasty treats?

Kale, berries, nuts, repeat

Wednesday is when I started to make the conscious effort of not having any meat. I stuck with the basics – salad, kale, berries, nuts, Thursday, I ordered in Thai food. Veggie curry with rice, veggie soup stir fry. Friday is when I really wanted to stick to this new diet, I’d need to do some shopping.

I even got a bit creative Friday evening and made a grilled cheese wrap. It reminded me of a life lesson. Make do with what you have, get creative to expand what we do have to make it what we truly want out of life.

There’s been a downside of going vegetarian

The only negative I’ve noticed is that I have been getting a bit more tired after working out than usual. Maybe it’s because I’m upping my routine to include my upper body. Maybe I’m just overdoing it. Maybe it’s because my new diet isn’t giving me enough energy. I’m not sure. It’s the only difference I’ve noticed. I’m huge on protein shakes so there’s a lot of protein smoothies being taken this week.

I’m not cutting out eggs nor cheese. Those stay. I don’t drink straight milk just ‘cause I was never down with it, so I need as much calcium I can get. Also, I’m not a fan of tofu or soy.

So, if I do choose to stick on this vegetarian route, I know it’ll be a creatively challenging ride. But now, with 42 years of eating meat under my belt, I’m excited to see what this new meatless life holds for me.

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