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#Checkupfromtheheadup: Let’s make it necessary for everyone to get a yearly mental checkup


How about we start with how this idea came about. My father came up with this idea. He dubbed it getting a yearly `checkup from the head up’.

The idea is to get a mental health checkup as part of our yearly health checkup. As the world has opened their eyes on how our mental health affects millions daily, it’s about time that we all take our mental wellbeing more seriously.

Do we know that there’s something wrong? Most people don’t. They shrug off their mental health as having a bad day or them just being in a mood. They don’t really know that they might be depressed or anxious or even suicidal. With these new yearly exams, the therapist will look at your overall state and determine if you’re on the right, happy track. Much like how a doctor gives you a look over to make sure you’re in top top shape.

Let’s look at some facts about mental health in Canada

According to CAMH, 70% of mental health problems have their onset during childhood or adolescence. It’s imperative that our youth get a regular mental health checkup to make sure that they’re alright.

Also from CAMH, they say “mental and physical health are linked. People with a long-term medical condition such as chronic pain are much more likely to also experience mood disorders. Conversely, people with a mood disorder are at much higher risk of developing a long-term medical condition.”

What your signature will help us do

As you can see the importance of having everyone checked out mentally is important for us to make sure that these states don’t continue to rise.

This petition will give those in charge an idea on how we all want to make our mental health as important as our physical health. This will let therapists give patients 30 or 45 minute sessions once a year.

Make your voice heard, make it so we can ALL get a yearly checkup from the head up.

You can sign the petition here. 


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