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I shaved my head to save a head


Save a head by shaving my head

If this wasn’t to help raise mental health awareness and to help get those needing counselling, get it, I would have never thought I’d be shaving my head this year. Very 2020, I guess. When I first signed up to shave my head, piggybacking off the wonderful Shave a Head, Save a head initiative, I was to shave my head once the donations reach $2,000. But this is back when I didn’t know that we’d be having 30+ degree weather in June. I decided to shave my head anyway but fulfill my promise I made to Save a Head and record the momentous occasion. 

Shave a Head, Save a Head still needs donations.  Your donation will go directly to providing counselling services to those that need it most! Find out more here.

Here’s how it happened 


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