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Chatting with Ryan Vollmar on Shave a Head, Save a Head

Ryan Vollmar talks about his initiative Shave a Head, Save a Head


A  delightful chat this afternoon with Spark Real Estate’s Ryan Vollmar. We spoke about his new initiative, Shave a Head, Save a Head  where he’s challenging those to shave their heads in hopes to raise money for those that need mental health counselling.

I have signed up to shave my own head once the donations reach $2,000. If you would like to help a great cause and watch me shave my head on my social media, you can donate here.

Here’s what it says on their GoFundMe page:

Shave A Head Save a Head needs your help to raise funds for those that need Mental Health support! All donations will be going to provide Direct counselling services to those that need it. We have partnered with Hasu eConuselling that will be providing therapy. We felt this structure was important so we know the funds are going to use and donors can feel good that they are getting people help.

We also need people who are willing to Shave Their Head in support! For every 500.00 increment in donations we have people ready to Shave their Heads and we will post the videos!

Ryan explains more during our chat.


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