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I conquered my goal thanks to the kind universe

I exceeded my goal

Yesterday, I surpassed my goal of $500 for my virtual walk on May 30th. The 6th annual event, championed by Defeat Depression London, raises funds for Daya Counselling and its subsidized counselling program. The program makes counselling affordable for all those seeking support.

Had my doubts I’d hit it

I walked into this knowing how the world is right now. How everyone is penny pinching, saving money, not knowing if or when they’ll be heading back to regular life anytime soon. This is where I had my doubts. It just made me try harder to do everything possible, with the limited resources I had in isolation to get the word out and the donations flowing in. While campaigning for the walk, I took up another inattentive where I have promised to shave my head when they reach $2,000 (you can find more info on that one here.) I got down on myself, frustrated that I wasn’t doing enough to help spread the good word.

But then this happened – I beat the goal of $500

I wrote on how much this walk means to me and how this more than just any other walk. So, when I saw that the donations surpassed my conservative amount, I just had love for humans and the universe. Especially at a time like this, when people are scared and worried, they’re still wonderful souls in the world that have generously helped me reach this goal. And for this, I say thank you. I does mean the whole world to me.

Let’s make a new goal

There’s still time left. You can visit my donation page here. Let’s see if we can make it to $600!. Meanwhile, I’ll keep up my regular vigorous workout schedule and make sure I’m fit enough to do the walk on May 30th.



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