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If you’re still soldering on through isolation, I’m proud of you

Mornings are my favourite time in isolation

Mornings are good but they’ve always been good for me. I’ve always been a morning person. New day, new opportunities, just thankful to be alive. I turn on my computer, make coffee, check my phone, make sure all the clocks are still ticking and then get the day’s duties done.

I guess it doesn’t hit me until I turn on the news or read the daily COVID meme. This is when I think to myself of what day of the week is it or, better yet, what day are we on. 50? 55? 60? I lost count, like many others, after the first month.

It’s after my morning duties when it sinks in and I realize there’s nowhere to go, no one to see, no bar to check out, no movie to watch at the theatre.

I try my best to solder on through this isolation

I go on with my day like if it were any other day. Isolation or not. But it’s hard. It’s getting harder for all of us. I can’t really be mad. I am lucky. Roof over my head, food, friends, creative outlets. But there’s that one moment during the day where no food, friends, creative outlet can replace or distract the rumbly feeling I get in my stomach. It’s usually followed by a chill that stays for a couple of hours.

Isolation chills

All I want to do is get under my throw and take a nap. Usually happens every day around 6pm.

Nerves? Fear? Not sure what it is exactly, but it’s been a constant. This is when I don’t feel like soldering on anymore. Just feel like sleeping like Billie Joe and waking up when September comes. Or when this is all over – whichever comes first.

There’s those that aren’t in the best situations and they seem to be doing alright. But I guess, they’re always soldering on so to them, this is just another obstacle in their already crazy maze of a life.

Motivating thoughts only

When I feel the chills are disappearing, I get enough motivation to get up and eat or chat with friends or do something to keep me distracted once more that we’re on what would seem like a three digit number day of self-quarantine. Again, I lost count.

But if you’re one of the ones that have been able to survive this thus far, I’m proud of you. If you’re one of the ones that have been able to survive with your already complicated life, I’m also proud of you. If you manage to smile, laugh, make art, dance, I’m proud of you, also. We’re on day something-or-the-other and we’ll get through this with you as our inspiration.


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