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If you get anxiety working out at the gym by yourself, try getting a gym buddy

Gym buddies are hard to come by

I totally get it. I get super anxious when even thinking of going to the gym by myself. This is why I bought all the equipment and do my hanging’n’banging at home.  With a new decade upon us, maybe finding a gym buddy could be a possibility.

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when first stepping into the gym, said Gareth Nock, a Toronto-based fitness expert. Nock’s rule of thumb: If you’re not happy working out by yourself for the first time, don’t do it alone.

“Look for a personal trainer or a bootcamp-style class, something that’s going to help you feel comfortable to walk in there, someone to support you on that journey,” he said. “Or even bringing a workout buddy with you.”

If the gym gives you hibbie jibbies, you’re not alone

In a poll done by Ipsos, forty per cent of Canadians feel intimidated by the gym. The top reason? Other people watching.

Nock advises even searching for the right group class can be helpful. They’ll  encourage you to keep going as you start feeling comfortable in the space. Group workouts or with at least one other person helps you set goals for how often you can go, without putting too much pressure on yourself, Nock explained.

“The reality we face is that motivation is going to be fleeting. [It’s] ensuring that we’re always focusing on the journey or the process of getting fit, as well as the end result,” he said.

Here’s how you can find a gym buddy

 Puregym takes a look at how you’re able to find a your gym buddy, and if you’re lucky, the buddy can become a friend for life.


Let’s slam the ball around

Teamwork makes the dream work and the same applies at the gym. Having a workout plan that you can follow with your partner or with a team helps take the focus away from how you’re feeling exercising outside of your comfort zone. Nock recommends exercises you can do together.  “It helps us build teamwork, camaraderie, and [helps] us build those relationships and sense of belonging,” he said.

Another routine you can try (and one I do at home when I get anxious) is using a weight ball and throwing it to the ground. But here’s the kicker. When slamming down the ball, your partner will have to squat and throw it back to you.

“It’s getting that accountability from your workout partner which is going to make all the difference to you coming back,” he said.

“It’s that consistency.”

Need gym tunes? I’ve got you

I never thought I’d be sharing this, but here you go. A while back when I (attempted) to create a daily workout schedule for myself, I made a workout  playlist. Find it below and feel free to follow me on Spotify.


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