Tinashe tries ASMR and it’s ultrasonically hot

Just days before she goes live with the television event Rent, Tinashe has gone all ASMR on us.

Tinashe and her joyride with ASMR

ASMR and Tinashe do crazy things to guys. Both give us tingles inside our bodies. ASMR videos involve girls whispering, tapping and making slow movements. Tinashe just causes tingles by breathing. W Magazine has merged the two to give us one hell of a guy sensation.

The songstress has come out of hiding it seems to promote her live television event airing Sunday evening. Rent: Live airs January 27th. The live production is based on the popular musical Rent. Watch it on Fox at 8pm EST. The show also stars Vanessa Hudgens, Mario and Keala Settle.





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