E006S001 Mental health in the entertainment industry

The entertainment industry can be all flishy lights, glitter, limousines and big homes. It could also be a dark, lonely, depressing spot to be in. The stories of celebrities taking their own lives have been sadly regular in the past few years. It’s sad to think that our larger than life favourites weren’t as happy as we thought. 

Lots has happened since the beginning of COVID, here’s an update

On top of all the regular pains the world has gone through since March when the world went on lockdown, COVID life hasn’t been the easiest. I thought I’d sprinkle this with all good, positive vibes but I couldn’t. I’d be lying.

My plate has been ful. Since March, the stuffing, the roast, the mashed potatoes kept on getting piled on before I was even able to grab a fork. Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot of ice cream and chocolate cake in the mix but the meat never seemed to stop.

New study spots shocking spike in new and soon-to-be moms being depressed and anxious

The results have been “shocking.”  Pregnant women and new moms have been experiencing higher rates of depression and anxiety amid the COVID pandemic, a new study suggests.

Researchers asked 900 women – 530 of whom were expecting and 300 of whom had given birth in the past year – about their depression and anxiety. They found that COVID elevated depression symptoms from 15% to 41%. Moderate to high anxiety symptoms went from 29% to 72%. 

I shaved my head to save a head

If this wasn’t to help raise mental health awareness and to help get those needing counselling, get it, I would have never thought I’d be shaving my head this year. Very 2020, I guess. When I first signed up to shave my head, piggybacking off the wonderful Shave a Head, Save a head initiative, I