Paying Respect: NASA Says Asteroid will Honour Aretha Franklin’s Unforgettable Legacy

NASA says Aretha Franklin’s asteroid will keep orbiting after her death.


Aretha Franklin’s legacy lives on in outer space

Thursday NASA tweeted Aretha Franklin is still grooving and she’s in outer space. Well, sort of.

Nasa referenced Asteroid 249516,, or, also known as Aretha.  NASA said Aretha will “keep orbiting beyond Mars.” Aretha the asteroid was first detected in 2001 and designated in 2010. They made the gal after the Queen of Soul in 2014. Aretha measures three miles across and it travels between Mars and Jupiter. She takes about five and a half years to make one trip around the sun.  So, as long as the queen of outer space doesn’t crash, we’ll have her hanging with the stars forever.

From your steady rock out in space.

Watch Aretha Franklin orbit the earth



Aretha Franklin’s granddaughter posted a clip of her singing at home before she died

Back down on earth, several months before Aretha Franklin passed, her granddaughter, Victoria Franklin, captured Aretha playing piano and singing at home. Victoria posted the footage Thursday. “Today we lost an icon, a legend, but today I lost my grandma. I love u and imma make u proud,” she tweeted.

Geeks and Beats’ Alan Cross posted the video clip here. Take a look below.




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