Dear #MyYoungerSelf

Child Mind Institute wants to assure our younger self that we’ll be just fine. Here’s what I would tell #MyYoungerSelf. 


#MyYoungerSelf. So, what is this hashtag exactly?

According to Child Mind Institute’s website, people are sending messages of hope about their experience growing up with a mental health or learning disorder. People like us are responding with our own letters, videos, Instagram posts to our younger selves. Here’s what I would say to my younger self:

At first it’s going to be rough. Many, and I mean MANY days and nights alone. You will form a close relationship with music. Give it your all. Its always been there for you. Its loyalty is incredible.

The hospital stays will be dramatic. Don’t rush them. Learn from them and listen to the doctors.

Speaking of doctors, listen to the psychologists and psychiatrists you’re going to see. They all want the best for you. Well, maybe except for one. I don’t think they cared at all. You’ll know them when you see them. (Hint: It’s the one with the gray hair – you’ll know what I’m talking about later)


It’s OK

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE will be worried about you. Don’t take it as them trying to get into your business or them bugging you. They just want to help. Let them.

Don’t be so private. Those bottled up feelings will ruin you. Talk to someone. Even call that helpline you will debate on calling when you turn 16. You do need to talk to someone at 18. Seriously.

There’s things that will happen between 1995-1996 and then between 2008-2011 that will change you forever. It’s now 2018, and I’ve learned that they might seem like your darkest years, I’ve learned to look at it as the years that taught us the most.

It’s OK to cry.

Write. Paint. Create blogs. Do you. You have an unbelievable creative mind, use it. When you’re in your space, nothing can stop you. It makes you feel better and you love it. Wholeheartedly. As Aunt Rab always said, “never lose that wonder.”

Get tattoo’d. They’ll be a great reminder of how far you’ve come and it’ll be a great way to accept what you’ve been through. Wear your heart on your sleeve.

People that have gone. Family, friends, celebrates that you looked up to, role models, are all still here. You just need to turn the music up a bit louder for them to rock along with you.

Those nights when you were planning, and wondering how to end it all, think instead of how many people that will be effected by you not being here. There’s many. Once you realize this, your mind will open to how many people love you.

Don’t drink away your blues. Save your money and write out your feelings. So much cheaper.

You’ll be okay.

#MyYoungerSelf. Give hope. Give today. Get more information here. 


2 thoughts on “Dear #MyYoungerSelf

  1. You’re awesome my dearest and most gentle and kind nephew. Just know that you hold a special place in all our hearts and thoughts. Love you always and forever. God Bless.

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