We Could be Faced with a Tequila Shortage Soon

Last call on Tequila? We could be experiencing a shortage soon on popular the shot.


One tequila, two tequila, no more tequila?

Alright, folks. It’s time to sober up and get serious. Got some not-so-great news to share. We could be experiencing  a shortage on our favourite shot soon. 

According to Reuters, a shortage of agave – the plant used to make the drink – is causing a stir for the liquor producers in Mexico.  Not to kill the buzz, but we need to do some math.

The price of the plant has increased from 3.85 pesos per kilo to 22 over the past few years. It usually takes the agave plant seven to eight years to mature. The report states that only 17.7 million blue agaves were planted in Mexico last year. This could be a huge problem, as 42 million plants are needed to supply 140 registered tequila companies.

The tricky match equation equals to the shortage is estimated to last until 2021. This sadly means a lot of weekends will need to be cancelled or we just need to find a new shot. Very unlikely.



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