Panamore’s New Video Mocking Morning Shows is Incredible.

Panamore spoofs vintage morning television in new music video. And it’s incredible

Wake up, Roseville

We all have our favourite television morning show. They’re those good looking people piping in information to you on the tube, while you’re brewing coffee. Living in Toronto, mine has always been CITY-TV’s Breakfast Television. Been waking up with Kevin and Dina for decades. But why do they look so awake at quarter after illegal-o’clock? Dina is always on point with her puns. Kevin’s always informative, and trustworthy. Even at 5.30 …AM! If we flip through the channels, it seems like every morning show host is on the same drug.

But why? It’s part of TV magic and we’ll never know their secret.

Enter Paramore’s new video for their single Rose-Colored Boy. The members star as hosts of fictional wake-up show, Wake Up, Roseville. The spoof cycles through a number of template morning show guests, including a weather-predicting dog, a happiness guru and a chef. After the show, Hayley Williams gets the whip from show’s execs for not smiling enough and not creating a happy vibe for the viewers. Typical.

Williams has a meltdown. She runs off the set and encounters a young version of herself who dreamed of being a journalist, with the young girl asking,  “Hayley, what are you doing? This isn’t you.”

The video is directed by Warran Fu. He’s known for his work with The Weeknd and Haim.


Watch the video above.

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