5 Reasons Why February is a Fresh Start

It’s time to start accomplishing those resolutions you made, and probably left, in January. Here are 5 reasons why February is a fresh start. 

Hit the Gym

The most popular resolution, hitting the gym more, is way easier in February. All of the people trying to work off their holiday weight have vanished, and the gym is way less crowded. I personally tend to avoid the gym for the first two weeks of January because I can’t stand the gym when it is overly crowded. It messes with my work out routine and honestly it smells. If you don’t want an audience for your new workout routine, February is a great time to hit the gym.

Kick the habit

Take advantage of the fact that February is the shortest month of the year. It is the perfect time to try and kick a bad habit, try a new cleanse, or cut out a certain junk food. For me, it’s ketchup chips. I haven’t cut them out completely, but at least I only buy small bags now. Progress. While February is only a few days shorter than the other months, it can’t possibly feel as long as January…right?

Focus on loved ones

If your resolution was to spend more time focusing on family, there’s no better time than February. The calendar even helps you out with this one by giving you a Family Day weekend. Also, don’t forget about Valentine’s Day. Use this opportunity to connect with your loved ones. Valentine’s Day is not exclusive to romantic love. I’m sure everyone’s mother would appreciate the surprise of flowers or chocolate….or both…. Both is good.

Pick up a hobby

Let’s face it… February weather isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. I, personally, would rather be inside with a cup of tea. Instead of using this time of being cooped up to binge watch Netflix, use your down time to take up that hobby you were excited about back in January. Pick up that guitar, learn that new language, or invest yourself in a new book series. No matter what hobby makes your heart sing, make good use of your down time.


If your resolution was self care, February is the perfect month to focus on yourself. There are less week days, therefore less work days. This leaves you with more time for sleep, more time to relax, more time to find what will help you become your best, healthiest self.

Realistically, any time is the best time to work on yourself. Whether you need to call it a resolution to help you make those changes, any progress is impressive. Even if you haven’t found success with your resolutions, never let time or a schedule stop you from beginning to work towards your best self.

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