Watch the Official Opening to Monday’s Raw 25 Special

If this gets you excited for Monday’s Raw 25 special, give me a Hell yeah!

Raw celebrates 25 years Monday

WWE has posted the official opening for Monday’s Raw 25 special. The cornerstone wrestling program premiered January 11 1993 and the company is making a huge deal about it. Rightly so.

The opening looks back at some of the biggest moments in the tease.. Some of the moments captured include; the festival of friendship, Mick Foley winning the championship, Edge, Daniel Bryan and Rick Flair retiring and Ultimate Warrior’s last on-screen moments. Let’s not forget that moment when Vince uhhh…died. 

WWE is laying out the red carpet for federation legends to appear during the 3-hour bash.  The guest list is stacked with names including;  Brother Love,, Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, Eric Bischoff, Ric Flair, D-Generation X, Scott Hall, The Undertaker and Trish Stratus. Some of these names could be potential inductees for this years Hall of Fame.




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