This is How You Disable Instagram’s New Last Seen Feature

Instagram quietly rolled out a new feature that you might find creepy. And this is how you disable it.

Activity Status


Activity Status is a new feature that you might not like. That’s if you like to keep your Insta-scrolling on the down-low. The new feature lets your followers see how long ago you were last on the popular photo app.

The feature is on by default, so you’ll be constantly broadcasting how frequently you open up Instagram. The time since your last use will be visible to users on the direct message screen.  Similar features are seen on some social apps these days, but this one forces you to reveal more information about your behaviour than before.


How to disable last active

Go to settings. There, scroll down a bit to and you’ll see a new option called Show Activity Status, which is on by default. Turn it off.  You now can browse privately.

Also, Last Active is a two way street. You’ll need to share in order to see. If you turn it off, you won’t be able to see other users’s either.


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