Miles Away from Normal

Let’s be honest, nobody really enjoys long distance relationships. 

Not the goal

Nobody really enjoys long distance relationships. They are not the goal. No one says “Ah! yes. This is the tough part” and then one day, be in a long-distance relationship.

Before people get their knickers in a twist about how they were the exception that really made long distance work and how exciting it made things, or how they know someone who was or is able to have an amazing long-distance relationships, here. No one is saying that they absolutely DO NOT work. Just that they are undeniably more difficult than regular relationships.

Every long distance relationship is different. Relationships cannot be boiled down to an exact science in terms of predicting success (no matter what dating websites might try to tell you). There are, however, certain factors that make long distance relationships more or less likely to work.

Long distance relationships ain’t cheap

One example would be, how long is the distance between you and your loved one? If it is a distance that you can have weekend visits, your relationship will likely be easier than relationships in which visits require airfare. The more affordable your mode of transportation is, the more likely more frequent visits will be possible. Long distance relationships aren’t cheap. Sure, you might be saving on weekly dinner or movie dates, but there are ways that being in a long distance relationship can begin to add up. Couples that have the available funds to make visits possible, or can afford phones or laptops with cameras to have Skype dates, or even the ability to send gifts to keep the romance alive without physically bring present have a higher chance of survival.

The most important factor is the desire to make it work.

At the end of the day, I am a firm believer that one should follow their heart. No matter how equipped you are to handle a long-distance relationship, if there is no desire to make it work, they simply won’t work. Long distance is always a risk, but realistically all relationships put you at risk of getting hurt.

Elizabeth Atkinson a freelance writer based in Toronto.

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