Dolores Sang Me to Sleep

She was the voice that sang me to sleep pretty much every single night for most of the 90s.


She sang me to sleep

The Cranberries’ No Need to Argue was and is an important album. It’s one of the three records that are not HIp Hop records that I consider the most important albums that I bought in the 90s.

(The other two are REM’s s Automatic for the People and Portishead’s Dummy.)

Dolores could be calming and sweet. But also heavy and dangerous. At least once a month, I screw up the Linger lyrics, but make up for it when I rock out to Zombie. When I heard of her passing today at the age of 46, after the moment when my teenage years flashed before my eyes, I thought of the person. Dolores was a woman of music. She was a pioneer for women in music, the way she carried herself, her look, her words, and her beautiful and haunting voice will for sure continue to inspire generations to come.

Summer of ’94

In the summer of ‘94, the No Need to Argue CD was placed permanently inside my Sony Discman. It’d  sneak out with me to meet my then girlfriend at the park. We hid on top of a kid slide and chat about that night’s episode of 90210.

No Need to Argue would play softly beside us as our huddled bodies shared a smoke.  We didn’t  need to hear the songs. We memorized the whole record. It played crisply in our heads all day.

There’s no way one can put a lifespan on memories like these. This is why artists live forever. Through the memories we have of them. The joy they brought to our lives. They’ll live through their music.

Her last tweet, dated January 3, 2018, she was about to head off to Ireland.

12 days later, she’s gone.

Thanks for the songs and midnight sing-alongs. Safe travels.



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