Breaking: Paige’s WWE In-Ring Career Over Following Injury

In breaking news Friday,Paige’s in-ring career is reportedly over. The WWE superstar sustained an injury at a house show late last month. 

Paige to retire

According to, Paige is hanging up her boots following an injury at a live event in Uniondale, Long Island.

Paige’s injury is said to be similar to that of WWE Hall of Famer Edge, who was abruptly forced to retire one week after winning the World Heaveyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 27.

Paige’s injury happened following a mistimed kick to the back from Sasha Banks in late December. The two were part of a six-women tag mach, that had to be ended prematurely as the former Women’s Champion required immediate medical attention.

Paige did appear this week on Raw alongside her new stable Absolution, and was seemingly on track to return. Sadly, it looks like the performer’s career appears to be finished.


Heel Heat

It looked like the company was about to give Paige a huge push as she was the lead of the new heel stable. She was the popular vote on winning the upcoming Women’s Royal Rumble.

Her career with WWE was filled with complications both in and out of the ring. After suffering a neck injury in 2016, during the start of a surging women’s movement, Paige’s absence was made more complicated as a result of two different suspensions for violating WWE’s wellness policy. Her troubled relationship with former WWE champ, Alberto Del Rio made headlines when she wasn’t with the company. Paige was also a series regular on E! Network’s Total Divas. 


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