5 Affordable Vacations to Take This Winter

Winter arrives December 21st. The holidays will be over in a couple weeks. Time to unwind from the holidays with a vacation. 

2017’s most economical winter vacations

You’re spent. The winter is here and the holidays have passed. Now what? A vacation! These 5 locations deliver huge savings to cure your winter blues. Pick a destination and start planning your trip before prices go up and get caught in the next holiday frenzy.


This is the best time to take a trip to the Eastern hub. Prices are low and temps are moderate, from the high 70s to low 80s. Perfect weather to enjoy the beaches along the Persian Gulf. Go in February for the lowest rates. Find the best one-way deals from New York airports.


No beaches here but there’s culture. Cleveland is an up-and-coming foodie and craft beer city, with lakefront views and array of museums that’d be good for those looking for winter indoor and outdoor activities. Cleveland Hopkins Airport offers 143 daily flights on night different airlines, winter flights from cities on both the West and East coast range from $120 to $400 round-trip. Go for the Beerfest in January and Brite Winter in February. In March there’s Ice Wine Festival.


Forget Paris. Amsterdam is just as romantic in winter with snow-lined canal banks and cozy cafes. And it’s a steal. From the U.S. East Coast, round-trip fares average $408 from New York and $519 from Los Angeles during winter months. There’s also luxurious hotels offering packages. The Dylan and the Hilton are known for offering generous deals during the colder months.


Mais Ouis! If you’re already in Canada and don’t really want to do a staycation, but still want to get away for a weekend, take a drive to Quebec.  It’ll be cold, but Quebecois embrace the winter weather with some of the best Carnival celebrations in the world. With modest airfare prices this year, you have even more of an excuse to go.

Southern Ireland


Ireland’s weather is always unpredictable. This is why winter is a get great flight and hotel deals. A bonus is that there’s not many tourists around this time of year. A vacation rental with two-bedrooms in County Cork will cost $440 for the week or $450 in County Kerry. And, winter hotel rates are 25% to %35 lower than summer rates. Tip: Bring an umbrella.

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