The 2017 Glorious Guys Gift Guide

The time of the year where I share my wishlist. 

Glorious Guys Gift Gide

I was asked yesterday what I wanted for Christmas. Sure, the obvious things came to mind – New game console, art supplies, new shoes. But then I got realistic. What do I really want for Christmas? I came up with a list of affordable items that will make me happy and won’t leave a huge dent in my love ones pocket.

Saje Essential Oils

I first got into these last spring. Since using them my insomnia has gotten better. My allergies were actually at a minimum this summer and I’m more centred. There’s comfort of having Citrus Dream oozing out into the air, blending with a slight breeze. Mates of mine also swear by the oils, citing the same reasons why I started to use them. Headaches, insomnia, even anxiety. The oils cure all. My favourites are; Citrus Dream, Liquid Sunshine, Quick Study and Yoga.

Check them out here.

Google Home Mini

I could use another one, but this is here to share with my pals. Get one. Life has been simpler since I treated myself to a Google Home Mini last month. I named her Becky Conner on the app, but she’s just a Google gal being smart and helpful. A friend asked me last week if he should buy one. I told him all the positives – the speaker, tells you your days schedule, weather, and traffic. Then told him the negatives – She only gets music from Google Music so if you want her to play one artist’s catalogue, she won’t. She’ll play the artists radio station, which is a mix the artist and similar artists. Overall, best purchase I made this year.  And if it helps, I grabbed mine from Best Buy.

Grab a Google Home Mini here.


Beard of God

Like most guys this is the time of year, this is when I start growing my beard In recent years, I’ve had my beard for the better part of the winter just used basic cream and/or coconut oils. However, this year, I would like to give these guys a shot. Reading up on the U.S. based Beard of God, the company gets great reviews and their oils sound like they would smell amazing. How can you go wrong with their godly scents; Warm Tobacco Pipe, Leather and Steal or Green Tea.  Watch the review below.

Check them out here





The Unquotable Trump by R. Sikoryak


I found this the other week when I stopped by Guelph’s big bookstore, The Bookshelf. It was placed in the front of the store, in plastic. Wasn’t able to open it, but by the looks of the cover, it was worth finding out more of this marvellous make. Apparently 25% of net proceeds will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Grab a copy, here.



On that same trip to Guelph I had brunch at a great cafe. They didn’t have hand held menus. Their menu was on the wall. In chalk. On a chalkboard. Chalkboards seem to be the fad now, and I’m liking it. I picked up a small whiteboard for my desk this week. But I still want a chalkboard to be hung on the wall in front of my desk. Bed Bath and Beyond look like they have a good assortment to choose form.

Check them out here.

Vinyl Collection Puzzle


With the nephews coming over more and the colder evenings approaching, puzzles always pair well with hot chocolate and a fire. This 550-piece puzzle features a photo of an album collection. After putting the puzzle together, glue it together and display it by your real life record collection. Might inspire the nephews to start digging in your collection and learn about music. Win, win.

Grab it here. 

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