If You Enjoy Your Alone Time, You’re Smarter than You Think

A study says that if you enjoy your alone time, you’re smarter than you think.

Smart people focus on themselves, quietly.

It’s assumed that people crave people. They crave acceptance and belonging.

However, more studies suggest that people who rely on others for their happiness are not as smart as those people who choose to go solo. In fact, some studies have shown that people who long to be alone are much smarter than the average person.

Looks like the smarter you are, the more time you want to focus on yourself. Your goals, mainly. You don’t like being distracted with silly things that take away from what really makes you happy: progress.

Socialization is about acceptance and avoiding judgement; people who are highly intelligent don’t care what society thinks of them. It could be that people who are really smart use their time to reflect so they can learn from them.

Smart people enjoy writing about their thoughts. They are often more reserved and quieter than the average person, and one reason for this is they are taking in their surroundings and processing the information in a different way than the rest of us.¬†They’re aware of the happenings around them.

Here’s what the British Journal of Psychology found.¬†

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