This Pink Floyd Cover is Dedicated to the Trump Administration – But That’s Not All

Only Amanda Palmer would flip the script on a classic Pink Floyd tune. 

“The lyrics to ‘Mother’ haunted me during the inauguration”

Amanda Palmer has released her take on Pink Floyd’s Mother.  The video, shot on location at Opus 40 sculpture park, are  “dedicated to the current administration”. Palrmer put together the whole video, scripting and all. It was crowdfunded via her Patron account with Jordan Rathus and Coco Karol directing and choreographing.

The cover’s arrangement was done by a string quartet – that includes Malissa Auf der Maur of Hole and Smashing Pumpkins fame.


“The lyrics to ‘Mother’ haunted me during the inauguration,” says Palmer. “There’s a surge in female power right now: Trump and Co. can prattle on about how they’re going to build a big, beautiful wall, but the mothers of this nation have a different agenda. We don’t want our children to grow up in a world of fear, separation, and scarcity.”

Mother Will Drop as a B-side

I’ve made over a dozen big-production videos with massive casts and crews, but I’ve never felt this way on a set before,” Palmer continues. “Ever since having a baby I’ve been continuing to work on producing content, and I often bring my baby to recording studios and video sets where it is cheerfully tolerated. But this time it wasn’t just tolerated, it was celebrated. Everybody on the set – from the film crew to the dancers – stood by the spirit of the script. All of the children cast are children of friends of mine. Chris Wells, who plays ‘The President’, is an openly gay actor and peace activist and it meant a lot to me to be able to cast him in this role.”

The cover of Mother will drop as a B-side to a 7″ pressing of Palmer original In Harm’s Way, which was created as a response to the global refugee-crisis. 10% of the profits will be donated to Because we Carry.

Grab In Harm’s Way here.



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