Corey Feldman’s TRUTH Will Expose Hollywood’s Paedophile Ring

Corey Feldman wants to expose the truth in Hollywood. 

“Living in fear…”

The Lost Boys and Goonies star is heading up the TRUTH Campaign. It’s asking for donations to make a documentary exposing an apparent paedophile ring that Feldman claims to have been aware of since he was a child.

Feldman wants to bring down the ring and he claims it’s well-known within the industry.

“I am very afraid to do this, it’s not easy,” he said. “I’ve been living with fear…” He continued: “I know that there’s thousands of others that have experienced what I’ve experienced in the entertainment industry.

Fighting back against the Hollywood system

“I also know that there’s peers of mine who know exactly what I’m talking about and know all the details but have been afraid to come forward with their own truths.”

He wants to raise up to  $10,000,000  to make a film that fells the truth through art and “fights back against the Hollywood system”

Feldman has spoke out before. He recently admitted he would “love” to name the names of those responsible for his own abuse.


This is where you can find Feldman’s TRUTH campaign. 

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