Couple’s Love is Strong as Ever After 79 Years of Marriage

“It’s been a wonderful 79 years.”

Dan and Bertha Pavelick tied the knot on  October 25, 1938.  They’re celebrating “wonderful 79 years” this week. Dan is a frisky 106 years old. Bertha is at flirty 99.

But what is the secret? Bertha asked hubby. Dan asked “We have a secret?”

They met on the dance floor, Bertha recalled to Global News. “I thought he was a married man.”

Their wedding was in Humboldt, Saskatchewan.  “It was a beautiful day,” Bertha said. “The sun was shining, it was just gorgeous. I could be outside in my gown and my veil, not even needing a jacket.”

10 months later, their first child came along. “Once they got married, they went right to work and I was born 10 months later. I’m 78,” their eldest son Don Pavelick said.

They had two other children and now have seven grandchildren.

“You can’t dwell on the negative things in life”

Don says his parents  longevity is due to his mothers healthy cooking and his father’s music taste. “Their minds are still crystal clear, both of them, and that’s really provided me an opportunity to get to know them so well,” he said. “It’s been a real honour for me.”

While their love remains strong, it hasn’t all be red roses and groovy tunes. The couple’s daughter died last year from cancer and Dan moved into a senior’s home. He’s been battling Leduc for the past month-and-a-half. “Having my mate leave home… never to return, that’s tough,” Bertha said, but added “you can’t dwell on the negative things in life.”

The one thing Dan insisted on when he had to move to the Leduc Hospital was to make it to his 79th anniversary. He held a glass of scotch, gave his wife a kiss, a bouquet of roses and a card. The card read:


“Just want you to know that you’re still the one I would choose. Still the one I give my heart to, still the one I love.”

So, their secret?

“To support one another, whatever the problems may be, good or bad. Stick together. That’s about it,” Bertha said.

“You know why this lasted 79 years? She has the last word,” Dan added with a smile.



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