If You’re a Cat and Pillow Person, We’ve got a Robot just for You

Pillow person? Cat person? Dig robots? We’ve got the best pillow-pet-robot for you. Say hello to Qoobo.


Qoobo Doesn’t Scratch

Need that furry friend in your life but your lifestyle doesn’t quite allow for a pet of your own? Bring in Qoobo. It’s a furry pillow with a robotic tail. Yup. Sounds weird, and yes, some people may feel a bit concerned when they walk in on you stroking a pillow to make its tail wag. But it could be a brilliant way to de-stress without adding any of the responsibility a pet requires.

Bonus points: Qoobo won’t scratch up Mom’s wallpaper. Perrrfect.

The word Qoobo is a combo of the French words for tail and robot. It’s from the brainchild of Yukai Engineering Co. and will be available worldwide next year. And no, there hasn’t been a cost added to the wagging tail just yet.



Note: This article was originally posted on sister site, Geeks and Beats

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