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Hi, I’m Shane. I’ve had a lifelong love affair with the idea of being stashed away in a room, talking into a microphone. At the tender age of 10, I took my first leap into radio stardom and called up my favourite radio announcers and asked them to let me be on the air. They did and I never turned back. I caught the bug. 

Life happened and I thought my life on the airwaves was over. However, in 2014 when I started to work on a popular podcast with two huge Toronto broadcasters, my bug for broadcasting came crawling back. I couldn’t shake it. Fast forward a few years, jobs and some free time, I created a podcast catering to mental health and wellness. 

My 10-year-old self wouldn’t have thought I would be talking about mental health on-air, but my 10-year-old is overjoyed that I’m finally living my childhood dream.

I’m a radio nerd, a mental health advocate, a writer. But most of all, I’m just a big kid doing what he loves.

Latest Podcast

Every episode is written, produced and hosted by me. I put my all into all of them. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoy creating them. Check out current and past episodes here.

Latest Episode


Let’s shoot the sh*t for a bit. I’m always here to chat about show ideas, media inquiries, business opportunities, or sponsorship deals. You can also slide into my DM’s on one of my socials.