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Here’s an update on my ticker: I wore a holter monitor for 24 hours

Why I had to wear a holter monitor

Here’s recap in case you missed the article I posted two weeks ago. Back in December, I was getting weird heart palpitations. I didn’t think anything of it until it became a regular thing. As a healthy 41 year old I had never experienced these odd beats before. This is when I got worried. After the fourth day of getting the palpitations, I decided to go to the walk-in doctor. He sent me to the hospital to get an ECG done. 7 hours waiting in the emergency room, and a couple of tests and blood taken, the emergency doctor advised I should get a holter monitor so they can check on the activity of my heart in a regular 24-hour period. I got mine on Monday, and took it off yesterday afternoon. From 4.00pm – 4.00pm, Here’s what happened.

But first, what exactly is a holter monitor?

Good question. I wasn’t familiar with it until recently. Apparently, everyone that is older has gone through this process. According to Medical News Today;

“A Holter monitoring device measures a person’s heartbeat for 24 hours. A small, battery-powered electrocardiogram (ECG) device is attached to the body. This monitor a person’s heart as they go about their daily activities. When people report symptoms of heart problems, doctors often use ECGs to help diagnose the issue.”

Wearing the holter monitor

The holter monitor meeting was Monday at the London Cardiac Institute. The visit was painless. I arrived really early, thinking they’d be able to squeeze me in before my scheduled appointment time. They did not, but that wasn’t a big deal. The nurse advised me of a few key notes to remember – not to shower with it on, to use my diary and what to do when removing the device. She stuck on a few stickers, stuck on the wires and gave me a fanny-pack like contraption to carry around the monitor in. I walked out not looking like I’m wearing a mini-computer underneath my shirt. And from what I saw, no one else did that came walking out from the office. The holter monitor is super small and easy to hide.

The potty was the toughest part

I wanted to make the time I was wearing the holter monitor as stress free as possible. To do this, I caught up on a lot of work over the weekend and did as much of other stuff around the pad so I didn’t need to lay a finger for twenty-four hours.

When the time came when I needed to go, I really NEEDED to go. But how am I supposed to do this? See, the power cord is situated by my waist. This meant sitting down whilst going to the washroom would mean that the cord would get soiled. I had to hold the power cord in a certain way so it wouldn’t get dirty. This meant for a very uncomfortable positioning and as a result of, my arm needs a good massage.  After  tricky manoeuvring, it was a successful mission. Just not a mission that I wanted to do a lot.

Sleep wasn’t so comfy

The next tricky part would be sleeping. I sleep on both sides. Turning all night long. I had to make a (sub)-conscience effort to not turn on my left side where the monitor was. It worked but the pager-like device still go in my way, not to mention the cords on my chest that made it really hard to do anything with my arms being on my body. (I like to cross my arms when I sleep.) I took a pill and headed to bed just after 11pm. Just like the washroom, I was trying to put off sleeping for as long as I could. Even with the sleeping pill, my night was full of scratching, half-dreams, and insomnia. All in all, I had maybe 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Thankful I only need to wear the holter monitor for 24 hours

All in all, the whole process wasn’t as bad as I thought. It just really needed to get used to. By the 22 hour mark, I was ready to take a shower and sleep. I was counting down the minutes and seconds. Waiting for 4pm to hit and as soon as it did, the holter monitor came off. I stuck it in a plastic bag to be returned to the office and jumped right in the shower.

Now, I wait to see if anything spikes their interest and they call me in. I guess, no news is good news. I just really hope I don’t need to wear it again. A day was long enough for me. While I was waiting for my name to be called Monday afternoon, I saw a couple of older gentlemen walk in and they needed to wear it for 48 hours and a week, respectively. I don’t want to do that.

As I mentioned in my original article about my heart palpitations, listen to your body. It doesn’t matter how crazy it might sound to a trained professional, it’s your body and you know what it does. If you find it doing something it usually doesn’t do, get it checked out. The slight discomfort of wearing a holter monitor for a pesky 24-hours is worth it if it means it’ll save a life.


If you’re looking to improve your health this year, CES2020 is abuzz with robots and sex tech

CES 2020 is showcasing the future in your health

The Consumers Electronics Show (CES) is the biggest annual showcase in the tech industry. 2.9 million square feet of new gadgets and innovative ideas. Tech geeks walk for miles on the show floor checking out emerging ideas, practical new gadgets, cute robots and gotta-see-it-to-believe-it kinda gear. But what does this have to do with health and wellness, Shane? I’ll tell you.  They are a few gadgets on the expo floor  that’ll help with your mental and physical health. I’ve picked a few to check out a bit closer:


Your emotional support robot is at CES

Emotional support animals are very important to those that need a companion in their lives to keep grounded. They work wonders in overcoming grief, depression and loneliness. Enter Tombot, the emotional support Robot. The little guy has been designed by Jam Henson’s Creature Shop and is certainly cute. Tombot is touch sensitive and is there to provide comfort to residence in retirement homes and others who would benefit from a pet, but can’t deal with a real animal. Tombot has a Kickstarter going. Check it out here.



There’s a temporary tattoo printer at CES

The temp tattoo has always been available. They are available at stores, order custom ones online or design your own at home. But Prinker is a new device that makes temporary tattoos mobile for spontaneous people who don’t want to commit to permanent ink. The handheld printer applies cosmetic-grade ink to the skin in black or colour just by passing it quickly over the chosen body part once. Beware, it does wash off easily with soap and water so don’t expect it to have a long shelf-life. Currently the creators are selling Prinker to business’ only.

Listen to our  episode on tattoo’s here.


Meet your new sex buddy – Lora DiCarlo’s Osé


My Geeks and Beats boss Alan Cross saw this over the weekend at CES and he just had to post a video on his Instagram. Meet Lora DiCarlo’s Ose. It’s a sex toy that launched a thousand articles when its CES innovation award was revoked last year. Now, after a little sexy talk, CES is allowing sex-tech products in the show. Ose is unique. It’s a robotic massager and it’s $290 USD. Available now. Find your new favourite massage therapist  here.

A new study finds 41% of Canadians aren’t happy with their love or sex life

Let’s talk about sex and love

A good chunk of Canadians aren’t happy with their love or sex life. According to a new Ipsos poll conducted on behalf of Global News, 41% of  men and women in Canada think their love or sex life was bad.

The poll looked at Canadians between the ages of 18-34. They were the most satisfied with their love and sex lives with 68%. Canadians 55+ were the least satisfied at 47%.

Samantha Bitty, a Sexual health educator and relationship expert says our sex lives are often treated as a separate entity from the rest of our lives.  “Shift towards less mental compartmentalizing of our sex life from the rest of our life,” she said.

“The same way sexual health is not separate from overall health, what’s going on in our work or home life [affects] our sex life and vice versa.”

Get your sex life on track in 2020

There’s always pressure that you’re having enough sex. Don’t, it’s unhealthy. Heather Kent, a registered psychotherapist and author, says there is no “right” amount of sex for anyone. “Each [person] is unique and has a different synergy, but checking in with your partner on whether they feel satisfied with the current frequency is a good barometer,” she said.

“If one partner is not in agreement, then this is something that should be explored together, non-judgmentally.”

When we consider sex or good sex is also worth the conversation, Bitty explains. “Even if people are having sex together that is mutually dissatisfying, it is still socially regarded as being a more successful sex life than someone having fantastic solo sex or sexting even,” she said.

“Further, the ‘rules’ are different across genders … the ‘right’ amount of sex for men is different than for women.”

Spice up your sex life in 2020

Kent recommends if you’re going through a dry spell in your relationship, try dating your partner again.

“Like you used to when you first started to spend time together,” she said. “Getting dressed up [or] making an effort to look your best when you go out together can reunite the spark that was initially there at the beginning of dating.”

Change things up in the bedroom or try kinky adult games.

“If time is lacking, ask yourself which resources you do have in abundance that can go towards making sex more of a reality. Is it sexual desire, money, energy?” she said.

“For partnered people, multitask … maybe it’s more sexting/mutual masturbation, sex while showering, quickies … For singles, what are you seeking? Do you have that which you want to receive, to give to someone else?”

And most importantly, adjust your expectations.

“If you’re not making time for sex then you may have to accept it is not a priority to you right now, and that’s OK.”

And here’s a biggie: Sex shouldn’t be stressful. “A lot of people find sex stressful due to a lack of self-confidence or self-worth,” she said. “They have very negative self-talk about their bodies, and if you don’t feel sexy, you’re not going to be super pumped to engage in a weekly striptease.”

This is when you should take a step back and address these underlying issues, Kent says.

“Maybe it’s feeling a lack of communication or connection in other ways from your partner, maybe it’s a body image or personal health issue, maybe it’s a mental health issue, such as depression, anxiety or PTSD.”

So, how important is our sexual health?

The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center looked at this:

“Sexual function changes are normal, but sometimes these changes can negatively affect personal health and relationships. Claire Postl, a sex therapist at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, helps patients and couples who are experiencing sexual difficulties learn to improve their sexual health.”

If you get anxiety working out at the gym by yourself, try getting a gym buddy

Gym buddies are hard to come by

I totally get it. I get super anxious when even thinking of going to the gym by myself. This is why I bought all the equipment and do my hanging’n’banging at home.  With a new decade upon us, maybe finding a gym buddy could be a possibility.

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when first stepping into the gym, said Gareth Nock, a Toronto-based fitness expert. Nock’s rule of thumb: If you’re not happy working out by yourself for the first time, don’t do it alone.

“Look for a personal trainer or a bootcamp-style class, something that’s going to help you feel comfortable to walk in there, someone to support you on that journey,” he said. “Or even bringing a workout buddy with you.”

If the gym gives you hibbie jibbies, you’re not alone

In a poll done by Ipsos, forty per cent of Canadians feel intimidated by the gym. The top reason? Other people watching.

Nock advises even searching for the right group class can be helpful. They’ll  encourage you to keep going as you start feeling comfortable in the space. Group workouts or with at least one other person helps you set goals for how often you can go, without putting too much pressure on yourself, Nock explained.

“The reality we face is that motivation is going to be fleeting. [It’s] ensuring that we’re always focusing on the journey or the process of getting fit, as well as the end result,” he said.

Here’s how you can find a gym buddy

 Puregym takes a look at how you’re able to find a your gym buddy, and if you’re lucky, the buddy can become a friend for life.


Let’s slam the ball around

Teamwork makes the dream work and the same applies at the gym. Having a workout plan that you can follow with your partner or with a team helps take the focus away from how you’re feeling exercising outside of your comfort zone. Nock recommends exercises you can do together.  “It helps us build teamwork, camaraderie, and [helps] us build those relationships and sense of belonging,” he said.

Another routine you can try (and one I do at home when I get anxious) is using a weight ball and throwing it to the ground. But here’s the kicker. When slamming down the ball, your partner will have to squat and throw it back to you.

“It’s getting that accountability from your workout partner which is going to make all the difference to you coming back,” he said.

“It’s that consistency.”

Need gym tunes? I’ve got you

I never thought I’d be sharing this, but here you go. A while back when I (attempted) to create a daily workout schedule for myself, I made a workout  playlist. Find it below and feel free to follow me on Spotify.


Unusual heart palpitations made me quit caffeine for 10 days

The reason why I had to quit caffeine. 

On Tuesday December 17th, I spent the day with unfamiliar heart palpitations and at the emergency room. The doc said I needed to quit caffeine – for now.

The heart palpitations started a few days before. I had never experienced anything to do with my heart being wacky so this caused me to worry. The beatings were off, my shoulder was getting tight. Of course I was thinking the worst.  Before, the palpitations began in the morning. The first couple days I shrugged them off as being something to do with how I slept on my arm. On the fourth day, I started to get them in the afternoon, which never happened before. This is when I decided to go visit the walk-in doctor.

While there, the doctor asked me a bunch of questions. As soon as I told him that my family has a history of heart problems and my shoulder issue, he told me to go straight to the emergency room to get an Electrocardiography (or an EKG.) My worries were legitimized. I scooted over to the hospital.

Within an hour of getting to the hospital I had been seen by the registration nurse and got my EKG done. Only if the rest of the day went by that fast. 7 hours later I was told to cut out everything  that’s good in life – chocolate and caffeine


Listen to your body      

I was finally seen by someone at 11.30. Several hours after the initial check-in. I promptly disrobed from the waist up and was seen by a nurse. Then, there was another wait until I got to see a male nurse that took blood and hooked me up to another EKG machine. Finally, the doctor came in. I told him the story and that I think it’s due to stress and anxiety. He told me to cut out everything that’s good in life – chocolate and caffeine. While it might do with my mental, the things I’m putting into my body will help the palpitations to calm down. He also noted that my age plays a huge part in this. At 41, my heart has begun to be kinda wacky. The beats aren’t the same from a decade ago. This’ll happen more often as I get older, he noted.

I’m happy that I listened to my body and knew when things were getting weird.

That’s the lesson I learned here – to listen to my body and get it checked out no matter how idiotic it might be to a trained professional. Be it as it may, it wasn’t going to be a fun few days off chocolate and caffeine.  Was I ready?

Day #1: No caffeine

Daily protocol dictates that I have one cup of coffee every morning by the latest 9am. This has been my routine for as long as I can remember. Like a drug, I never thought I was addicted to coffee as there are days where I go without just fine. Granted those days, It takes longer for me to wake up and I’m a tad moodier. I’m usually cherry in the morning, after coffee. The first day was hard.

The hardest part  was me knowing that I won’t have my morning brew for a while and the anxiety I had in trying to find a replacement. A few weeks ago, I sent away for a new mood milk. It’s a new band based in Toronto. It’s a powder made up of superfoods that create adaptogenic lattes. One of the flavours are intended to be taken in the morning, it’s called Boost. Perfect. I gave the Boost Mood Milk a whirl and it worked or I wasn’t as tired as I thought I’d be. The morning went well. I knew if I got pass the morning hump, the rest of the day sans Joe would be doable.

What I think that helped a lot was that my body isn’t unaccustomed to not having a smoothie in the morning. I have smoothies most mornings so my body wasn’t turned off or grossed out by this odd taste invading my body. It wasn’t missing the familiar coffee. Yet.

Day #2: Looking for something to replace caffeine

The second day had me feeling caffeine withdrawals.  The toughest part came in the morning where I searched for a replacement that’ll give me that comfy feeling that coffee tends to give us.   I was drowsy for most of the day.. While drowsy, I was surprisingly very productive. I got a lot of work done, without my main crutch. I was proud of myself.

Day #3: Decaf is my new caffeine

I gave decaf coffee a whirl. I didn’t even know that we had decaf coffee in the house. This helped a bit as I was craving just the taste of coffee. While I do have decaf as backup, I’ll try my hardest not to have any coffee at all for the remaining days.

On a health tip – got a call from The London Cardiac Institute. They’ll be hooking me up with a holter monitor to kick off 2020. I’ll need to wear it for a whole day to keep a diary of my heart rhythm and to make sure my heart isn’t doing anything out of the ordinary. I can’t shower for a whole day – that could be a whole other article. Anyway, day 3 was compromise and progression.

Day #4: Black (decaf) coffee, please

Why not? It’s Saturday and it’s time to bring out the hard stuff. To be honest, I forgot to take creamer. By the second sip I realized there wasn’t any and I was okay with that. It actually worked much better than the decaf coffee I had yesterday. No palpitations either. The hardest part of today, Saturday, is going to the mall sans my regular Starbucks tag-along. The regular caffeine boost whilst shopping is always a great bonus. Especially on a crazy shopping day like today.

Day 5: Half way mark update

We’re here at the halfway mark. Health wise, feeling a bit better. The weird heart palpitations have been steady and nothing out of the ordinary. Life without caffeine has been tough getting used to, but I think I’ll survive. I just need to find a suitable (and healthier) alternative. A whole lot of things happened on day 5. I slept for most of the day. I just felt like being alone, curled up in my bed. No lights, no action. Just me and my drowsy thoughts. The only liquid I actually had on day 5 was cranberry juice and water. 


Day 6, 7, 8 – Off to Detroit 

Took off to Detroit for the holidays. Quick trip, only lasted a few days. My good friend that I was bunking with doesn’t drink coffee, so it made the on-vacation-rules-don’t-apply-here craving for coffee so much easier. Christmas morning had a cup of decaf. I had zero weird things happening with my heart either. 


Day 9 – Back home with a cup of Joe

Back home in London. The morning started with a huge cup of decaf. One more day to go in this challenge and it was much easier than I thought it would be. Truth be told, I thought it’d be a process much like quitting smoking. The cravings, the anxiety,  the loss of weight. But it’s been a reasonably smooth transition period. 

Day 10: End is here 

These 10 days have been a trip, including an actual trip to the States. I was scared at first. Just like how I was scared when I ever thought of quitting smoking. How will I survive without it? What will I replace it with? Nothing can replace it, I need it.  My body doesn’t need caffeine. I don’t need caffeine. I just like it as it’s a good way to boost myself in the morning. Health wise, to be honest, I never saw why I needed to give it up as I never thought that coffee was attributed to my heart palpitations.

But I was down for the challenge and I was interested to see how my addiction to coffee is. Of course, coffee is still the best to me for a first thing in the morning booster. Will I be giving it up for good? No. I’m sure I’ll go back to it sooner rather than later.  Did I find alternatives to morning brew? No, I haven’t. Even though, smoothies with the right greens comes very close. Hint: Add a boost, like the one I mentioned above.

The final diagnoses

On the health tip, I haven’t had any heart palpitations for four days so  that’s the good news. As I mentioned last week, I will be getting a heart monitor put on me for a whole day. That’ll be happening on January 6. Will keep you updated. I’m happy I did this challenge. It was very eye-opening and I recommend everyone try it. Not because you have to, just because it’s a cool self-check-up on your habits. If you do choose to try the no caffeine challenge, keep me in the loop with your progress.

Here’s some advice if you’re looking to get into the podcast game

Pick your topic

You’ll need to know your topic and how you will be able to expand that topic into something more than just a podcast. Podcasts are great, but they will need to be marketable. That’s just the hard truth. Also, know how you will stand out from the other shows. Little things do matter, from marketing to production to your on-air delivery. It’s that little bit of `different’ that will attract the listener into coming back.

Don’t be cheap

After you get an idea of what you’re going to do and who you are aiming the show towards, get digging for good equipment. You might have the best content in the world, but if it sounds cheap and the production is off, people will turn you off. You can get really good requirement on Amazon for less than $100.00.

Show prep

It helps if you have some type of idea of how to prepare a show. I can help you with this, if needed. I’m lucky as my background in broadcasting and working with a podcast since 2014 has given me enough knowledge that I was able to pass the kiddie pool and jump right into the deep end. Take an online course on radio. You don’t need to know much. Just how to really put together a show and mic techniques.

All about the eyeballs

Create a webpage and update it often.This’ll be part of building a brand.. The eyeballs will come to your site to read your articles then stay to listen to your show. . Don’t forget that everything should lead to wanting to listen to your show.

Not about the duckets..yet

Don’t think you will make money from this right away. Baby steps. First, do what you’re doing, keep it as authentic as you can. Over time, you will build trust – this is when the money will roll in. It takes time, don’t rush it.

Keep it real

Have fun & Be true to your vision. If you need any help with the process, give me a shout. Always here to help out.

E008S001 An episode all about healing

On this episode of Shower of the Soul, Shane revisits the topics we tackled this season but this time – Shane’s talking about the healing aspect. Shane talks about if getting his two tattoos helped in the healing process, if he has recovered from anxiety and if he still has body image problems.

Episode length – 11:31

The creative process of producing an episode

Writing is the hardest part of the creative process

First rule in the creative process is to  talk about what you know. Your joy will be felt through the microphone.

The show was inspired by the book that I haven’t written yet, so going in, I knew I’d most likely need to dredge up things I haven’t fully recovered from. But those are the battle wounds that are expected, so i was ready for war. I learned to take my time and to be present in writing. I take my time in writing. Usually, two or three days. Then the rest of the stuff – promotion, the production stuff, and recording the episode is all gravy. That’s the fun stuff. It’s the writing part that is the hardest part of it, but at the same time, it’s also the most cleansing part of the whole production – which in turn, the most rewarding.

EP007S001 – How wrestling saved my life

This week Shane shares his love for wrestling and how it being such a constant in his life, helped him over the years to stay sane. Speaking of wrestling, Shane gives his two-cents on the Ranallo/Graves situation that went down last week.  Cory Chadwick of the Personal Greatness Project joins us. We talk about mental health in today’s society and in sports. It’s a hard hitting, action packed, body checking type of episode.

Episode length – 35.30

Tanning where the sun don’t shine is the new wellness fad – we’re calling it `perineum sunning’

Perineum sunning gives you energy in 30 seconds, Ra claims

Sunbathing your crack isn’t a fake news crack. `Perineum sunning’  is an actual real thing and all the wellness influencers are doing it. Apparently, sunlight on your buthole gives you energy. and will “receive more energy from this electric node than you would in an entire day being outside with your clothes on.” This from influencer,  Ra of Earth.


Sunscreen is not required

Perineum sunning first got internet fame after a woman that goes by Metaphysical Meagan  shared a picture of her letting it all hang out. The photo has 1,049 likes. In the lengthy caption Meghan reveals her “experience with perineum sunning has been profound.”

“I would highly recommend this to anyone who is seeking optimal health & wellness and to those looking to connect with their sexual energy in a balanced way. The main advice I have that this practice is meant to be done in the time of 30 seconds to 5 minutes MAX in the sun.”


View this post on Instagram

☀️Perineum Sunning PART 2☀️ 🍑I was recently interviewed for an article on this, so I thought I’d share more: Perineum sunning is an ancient Taoist practice that originated in the Far East. In Taoism, the perenium or Hui Yin is called the “Gate of Life and Death.” This is a gateway where energy enters & exits the body. I first learned about perineum sunning through my studies of Taoism and Tantric practices. Mantak Chia speaks about this in his work, as does my friend @ra_of_earth . 🍑The benefits of perineum sunning include: 🌞 •It brings in prana or solar energy from the sun into the organs within the body which strengthens the organs. 🌞 •Perineum sunning prevents against the leakage of chi or life force energy from the body. This in turn sustains health & longevity of the physical body. •Increases creativity and creative output. •Aids in a healthy libido & balanced sexual energy. •30 seconds of sunlight on the perineum is equivalent to being in the sun all day with your clothes on. •It regulates the circadian rhythm and promotes deeper sleep. •Grounds and connects you to the Earth. •Increases your personal magnetism and amplifies the auric field. •Better focus & mental stimulation. •Regulates hormone function in the sex organs. ⚡️ 🍑My experience with perineum sunning has been profound. I have been practicing this for a few months now. I start my day with 5 minutes of perineum sunning & feel energized for hours. I no longer rely on coffee for energy to start my day because I am getting my energy from the sun. I also am experiencing better sleep and require less sleep due to boost of overall energy. • 🍑I would highly recommend this to anyone who is seeking optimal health & wellness and to those looking to connect with their sexual energy in a balanced way. • 🍑The main advice I have that this practice is meant to be done in the time of 30 seconds to 5 minutes MAX in the sun. 🌞 •‼️‼️THE INTENTION OF THIS IS NOT TO TAN YOUR BUTTHOLE‼️‼️ • 🌞 Sunscreen is not required & all you really need is 30 seconds of sun exposure. The ideal hours of the day to do this are between 7-9 am. #ButtholeSunning #SexualHealing #TaoistPractices

A post shared by 𓂀 𓋹 Metaphysical Meagan 𓋹 𓂀 (@metaphysicalmeagan) on

Big Little Liars actress doesn’t find a crack in perineum sunning

Big Little Liars actress Shailene Woodley  who is widely known for her holistic lifestyle has admitted she practices perineum sunning.  “I was reading an article written by an herbalist I studied about yeast infections and other genital issues. She said there’s nothing better than vitamin D. If you’re feeling depleted, go in the sun for an hour and see how much energy you get. Or, if you live in a place that has heavy winters, when the sun finally comes out, spread your legs and get some sunshine.”

Is perineum sunning an asinine idea?

Well, maybe. Medical professionals aren’t too sure about the new fad.

“There is no evidence that sunbathing in this way has any effect on physical well-being,” Dr. Diana Gall of UK-based online clinic, Doctor 4 U..

Gall says while vitemin D is important, we “don’t need to damage your skin in the process from sun exposure,”  She recommends safer ways to practice mindfulness.  “There are no extra benefits of doing this naked in the sun.”